I love photography. I think of it as my second skin. I love that I can capture a moment within a hundredth of a second and keep it forever. It gives me a thrill. I love music just as much but music is intangible. It's impossible to capture it with my lens. So I decided to create a series where I asked people "What is your favorite song? Why?" I love music because of how it makes me feel. Music has the ability to touch a person without laying a finger on them. It allows me to wallow when I need to, puts a smile on my face, motivates me and inspires me.

I know what music does for me, but I wondered how much music affected others. I created portraits of people, shooting while conversing with them about their favorite song. The goal was to give the viewer a glimpse into how a single song can influence, create or bring about a mood, emotion or feeling.

I see music as a way for people to connect and communicate with each other without having the same language, religion, race or sexuality. My hope is that you make a connection with my images.